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At Meghan McSweeney Photography, our coverage is founded on documentary principles while also taking cues from modern editorial and fashion work. Unique stories, personal connections, heartfelt images, and heirloom albums are our specialty so that we can tell your story beautifully!

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Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

We're almost ready to say goodbye for the weekend, but of course, we couldn't let you go without one last dose of pretty to put you in the best kind of mood for the next couple of days. AmyPunky Photography sent over the cutest couple's Old Montreal engagement session, and I felt it was only fair to share the smile it put on our faces with our beloved LBBers. I'll be back nice and early next week with another week of GORGEOUS!


Virginia Wedding by Meghan McSweeney Photography

In our books, classic never goes out of style and this Virginia wedding photographed by Meghan McSweeney is pumping some much needed classic into our Style Me Pretty veins. Vera Wang, Chanel No. 5...we're eating it all up and it is oh la la lovely! Get a megadose of gorgeous in the gallery where the FULL fête awaits.


Richmond Virginia Wedding From Meghan McSweeney

If you're trying to figure out how to combine all that you are ... and all that he is ... and surround yourself with your favorite people in the whole wide world ~ Paul & Teresa's wedding will give you SO much inspiration! The sweet simplicity of family and tradition and a passion for each other. That's really all it's all about ... right? The wonderful Meghan McSweeney has...


Country Wedding by Meghan McSweeney

It is real wedding Tuesday and you know the drill – every hour on the hour we are bringing you a little snippet of all of the fabulous weddings we are harboring in our vaults and you get to click on your favey-faves or if you have the time and a big cup of coffee you can peruse them all. There is going to be A LOT of wedding goodness so try to remain calm. Deep breaths always help.

Next up is this sweet, sweet wedding photographed by...


Elegant & Traditional Virginia Wedding From Meghan McSweeney Photography

In every wedding sent to us, there are immediately, a few photos that tug at our heartstrings, those that tell more of the story than all of the rest put together! As we begin to go through the rest of the images, our minds start whirling and we start envisioning how we're going to group the photos. As storyboards? ... timelines in conjunction with the order of events? Or individual, stand-alone photos that grab your interest and lend themselves to a part of 'the rest of the story?'


Charlottesville Wedding by Meghan McSweeney

We get a ton of real weddings submissions each week. And really, only a tiny percentage of them find a home on the pages of Style Me Pretty. Yet every day, as we are going thru these lovely submissions, we find ourselves getting bummed that we don't share more of them with you! So I thought that today, we could have a full day of sneak peeks. Little snippets of the pretty weddings that come our way, with a link over to the galleries where you'll find the rest of the images. That way, you can...